The Big Bang

10to8 Redesign Project

A new Beginning for 10to8 Appointment scheduling software.

The cosmos of design evolution, where I, as a seasoned Senior UX/UI and Graphics Designer, orchestrated a groundbreaking metamorphosis for Sign-In Scheduling, formerly known as 10to8. Enter the realm of 'Big Bang,' a project that witnessed the complete rejuvenation of the company's digital presence. the cosmos of design evolution, where I, as a seasoned Product and UX/UI Designer, orchestrated. This page provides a detailed description of my recent work experience at Sign In Scheduling, formerly known as 10to8. The project, named 'Big Bang,' involved a complete revamp of the company's branding and user interface. As the main person in charge, I took on various responsibilities such as rebranding, selecting brand colours, and choosing typography. Additionally, I oversaw the transformation of the user interface, which included designing new components, restructuring the information architecture, and creating new page layouts for better User Experience. Throughout the project, I conducted user interviews, performed user research, analyzed competitors, and conducted accessibility testing. I also facilitated brainstorming sessions and led design sprints. On this page, I will be showcasing a comparison between the old and new designs, highlighting the significant improvements made.

a laptop and a laptop with a dashboard dashboard showing a dashboard dashboard
a laptop and a laptop with a dashboard dashboard showing a dashboard dashboard
About 10to8

10to8, a leading SaaS company, specializes in appointment scheduling software designed to streamline booking processes. Among its competitors are notable names like Calendly, Setmore, and Acuity Scheduling.

In response to escalating competition and the evolving landscape of user needs, 10to8 recognized the necessity for a UI overhaul. To meet this challenge, I joined the team as a Senior User Experience Designer. Tasked with enhancing the user interface, my goal was to ensure it not only adhered to modern design standards but also exceeded user expectations.

In my role, I focused on creating a user-centric interface that not only keeps pace with industry trends but also anticipates and addresses dynamic user requirements. The objective was clear: to transform appointment scheduling from a task into a seamless and enjoyable experience. The result is a revamped interface that positions 10to8 as a leader in the competitive realm of appointment scheduling software.

User-Centric Methodology:

Driven by a commitment to understanding user needs, I conducted comprehensive user interviews, research, and competitive analysis. Implementing these insights, I guided design sprints and facilitated brainstorming sessions, ensuring the final design seamlessly aligned with user expectations.

Interface Refinement:

At the core of 'Big Bang' was the complete transformation of the user interface. I crafted new design components, orchestrated a refined information architecture, and curated intuitive page layouts. The outcome? A digital landscape that not only showcased visual appeal but also prioritized a smooth and user-friendly experience.

Revamping the Brand:

In this extensive endeavour, I led the charge in rebranding Sign-In Scheduling. From selecting a refined colour palette to establishing a cohesive typographic identity, every aspect was meticulously curated to infuse the brand with a contemporary and dynamic essence.

Transformative Booking Experiences

Revitalizing the Heart of Engagement: The Bookings Page Overhaul

Before picture of how 10to8 Booking page looked
Before picture of how 10to8 Booking page looked

Embark on a journey through the evolution of 10to8's bookings page – a pivotal landing ground for clients to seamlessly connect with their customers. Witness the meticulous redesign that transcends traditional appointment scheduling, crafting an immersive and user-friendly experience. From enhanced functionality to an aesthetic facelift, explore how this transformation redefines the very essence of client-customer interactions. Welcome to the new era of booking convenience and engagement excellence.

As part of the bookings page overhaul, I introduced a spectrum of six unique themes, each meticulously crafted to cater to diverse industries. From the sleek professionalism of healthcare to the dynamic vibrancy of the automobile sector, and the clean simplicity suited for schools and educational institutions, each theme is designed to resonate with specific industries. These themes extend beyond color schemes, incorporating distinct UI feels, varied border radius, header styles, and layout structures. The goal was to empower our clients to tailor their booking page to seamlessly align with their industry identity, ensuring a cohesive and customized experience for both clients and their customers. Welcome to a bookings page that not only streamlines appointment scheduling but also enhances brand representation across diverse sectors.

10to8 became Sign in scheduling

Make me SIS

My instrumental role in redesigning 10to8 became a cornerstone in the company's journey towards acquisition by Sign In Solutions (SIS). The transformative project, aptly named 'Make Me SIS,' marked a pivotal phase in this transition. Following the acquisition, 10to8 seamlessly transitioned into Sign In Scheduling, aligning itself with the new parent company's brand identity and guidelines. As the lead designer for 'Make Me SIS,' I undertook the responsibility of reshaping the entire product's look and feel to harmonize with the fresh design scheme provided by SIS. This comprehensive redesign not only ensured a visual cohesiveness with the new brand guidelines but also played a crucial role in solidifying the brand identity of Sign In Scheduling. The success of this integration underscores the significance of design in facilitating corporate transformations and adapting to the evolving dynamics of the industry.